Frequently Asked Questions

What is BetterBets?

BetterBets is an online Bitcoin Casino that was launched by a team of digital currency enthusiasts in May of 2015. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and classy place to gamble and give users the kind of social experience they have not found in many other sites. BetterBets will be adding more games over time to give a greater variety to our players. We hope you enjoy your time on our site and we encourage feedback and suggestions for changes and improvements.

What is different about BetterBets?

BetterBets stated purpose is to provide a first-class user experience and innovative betting options. To this purpose we will support features such as custom-developed games and lots of other goodies. While the site we are launching with is complete in the sense that it supports the feature set we wanted to support at launch time, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Future developments will be revealed and launched over the coming months as we work on implementing our ideas.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is our way of saying 'Thank you' for playing on our site. Happy hour is currently scheduled each day from 6PM-7PM EST during which the house edge is lowered to 0.25%.

Do you support bots?

Yes we do. The popular stand-alone Seuntje Bot supports BetterBets and all coins/currencies which we support. In addition to this our Dice game has a built-in bot which can be run on-page.

Can you explain your provably fair system?

The theory is simple, Provably Fair Gaming means you can verify each bet to ensure you always get a fair deal. Modern cryptographic algorithms such as the SHA256 hash algorithm are used to pre-compute the next bet; you can then verify that the bet has not been altered, giving you confidence that the bet result is fair in the sense that it has been determined by a random number generator without interference from our side.</p><p>The server picks a random number between 0 and (2^32)-1, adds a salt value (to prevent it from being brute forced) and sends you the outcome which is computed as sha256(randomNuber + "|" + salt). The value thus generated is called the "Server Seed". For each bet, a client seed is added to the server seed in order to calculate the final bet result as (ServerSeed + ClientSeed) % Math.pow(2,32).
This process provides proof that the outcome of each bet has been determined in a fair manner and that it has not been tampered with.

What is your relationship to

We have partnered with, utilizing their proven technology platform to bring our players secure and provably fair Bitcoin gambling. Using their wallet technology allows you to have instant trust in and the ability to invest in all our games via their Kelly investment option. The partnership makes sense on many levels and they are a pleasure to work with as well.

Can I invest in

You can not directly invest in You can however invest in our strategic and technology partner Your investment would not be specific to but you would invest in\'s bankroll. directly benefits from our success and relies on sites like to generate revenue and income. You invest in their bankroll and thus own a % of the bankroll, which allows gamblers to bet against it on any site powered by If they win, the bankroll decreases and if they lose, the bankroll increases. Your stake throughout this process remains the same with an proportionate portion of profits being paid out to you. You may invest or divest at anytime; there is no minimium investing time.
For more information on this investment see the Moneypot's FAQ section listed

How do I secure my account?

Your account is secured completely by It is highly suggested you use Two-Factor authentication to fully secure your account from unauthorized log ins.

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